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Pokémon stolen dreams Part 3
The swap

Team Rocket

“Where are we?” asked James
“I don’t know” answered Meowth.“
“I think we are lost.” said James.
“We are not lost” Jessie said confidently.” AHHHHHHH!!”
What is it Jessie, they all shouted at once. Then they saw about ten ghost Pokémon’s surrounding them.
Suddenly Ash, May and Pikachu came running in and shouted, “Team rocket!”  Every time they brought out their poke‘ball’s the ghost Pokémon would grab them, play with them and then give them back. So getting annoyed, Meowth attacked Pikachu who easily avoided and
counter attacked.
While all this was going on the ghost Pokémon was getting annoyed because he was being ignored. He decided it would be fun to turn everyone into ghosts which Haunter had done previously, before battling Sabrina.
Before they knew what was happening, they saw all their disembodied bodies of themselves on the floor. They carried on fighting until they were disturbed by a lot of voices, barks and sirens.

Ash and the gang

Once Brock had helped to clear the avalanche, they set off in hot pursuit, then a call on the radio told them that team rocket was at Ghost Man’s Cave and that  Ash and May were inside looking for them, on hearing this news Max felt relieved.
When the Police, Brock and Max arrived at the cave they went inside. On hearing Ashes shouts of “you’re not going to get away with this!” they ran towards the voice until they came into a cavern and saw May and Ash laying on the ground. Max ran towards May then he noticed Team Rocket with the trophy sprawled on the ground and every one seemed groggy.
Ash, May and Pikachu woke up and were helped to their feet and led out. Once outside the sun blinded them for a few seconds until their eyes adjusted to the light. A police officer came and gave them some reward money and gave all of them a lift back to the stadium. When they got there they were greeted by May’s mum who gave Max and May a hug. May was a bit embarrassed when Caroline gave her a hug, but then the reward ceremony re-

When the ceremony was finished Max said goodbye to everyone while Caroline gave May some travelling money, then left for home.
Ash, May, Brock and Pikachu waved them goodbye, and they started walking back to the hotel cafeteria to get dinner while Pikachu snuck off secretly.
That night while everyone was asleep Ash sneaked down the hall to May’s room and when he got there he knocked on the door and May quietly let him in. They both looked at each other and gave a wicked grin. “Well Jessey these bodies aren’t too bad” said James.  “You’re right James and May’s breasts are bigger than my old ones” Jessey said, (checking themselves out in the mirror.) That was a brilliant idea James.

(Flash back)

“James the cops are coming for us” said Jessey. “We should get our bodies out of here” said Meowth, “your right Meowth” said Jessey “wait!” said James.
“Wait guys, they are after us so what if we were not us” said James. “What do you mean they both ask? James said what if we were the Twerps?” “You don’t mean it James?” said Jessey. “But I do Jessey” answered James “we can’t do that, we won’t be team rocket if we do?” said Jessey “but we can break our bodies out of prison later and swap back” answered James.
“I guess your right, I don’t suppose the boss will get us out by us failing him again” said Jessey
The three charged and pushed and tricked the Twerp into their old bodies.
Seeing the torch lights Team Rocket dived into the twerps bodies.

(Flash back over)

“You know what James? I think I will keep May’s body and her life.” Posing in front of the mirror she said “and besides I have finally got a Beautifly now” said Jessey.
“I think you are right Jessey, we’ve got a new start also we have never had so much money before.” “I agree!”said Meowth in a high pitch voice. Suddenly he turned around to see Pikachu jump through the window. “Meowth! where have you been?” said Jessey. “I have been fighting other Pokémon, and trying Pikachu’s moves and I have never felt this much power before, and I am not giving this power up” said Meowth.
“So we are in agreement that we are going to stay like this forever then, agreed?” said Jessey “Agreed!” the other two said. So Pikachu and I are going back to our rooms now May!. Yes, good night Pikachu and James, I mean Ash!.
The next day Brock met Ash, Pikachu and May at the hotel entrance and they set out on a new adventure.

20 Years later

Jessey, James and Meowth (being a special case due to he once knew how to talk,) walked down a street after being released from prison. Nobody believed who they once were.
They decided to stop at a shop and then noticed to their horror there was a magazine, and on the front page is a picture of Ash Ketchum. He is a Pokémon master with a Pikachu in his arms, and his wife May, one of the best Pokémon Coordinators in the world. The magazine stated how they were invaluable in destroying Team Rocket.

Fan Fiction
Ash and the gang body swap with Team Rocket. End
napo08 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2016
Great work! I would like to see Ash voluntary swapping bodies with Jessie.
swapstar100 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2013

Hi this type of story has been on my mind for a while and so I decided to write it.

Feel free to draw picture’s for the Pokémon story.

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