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Pokémon stolen dreams  Part 1  

Ash and the Gang

After May lost her match against Soledad at the Kento Grand Festival, Ash and the gang tried to cheer May up by having a good meal.
“Come on Sis you were great, you came in second place that must be something to be proud of.” “Max is right you did very well you almost won!” “Well said Brock you did awesome, next year you will win it for sure”. “Pik Pik” Pikachu cried. “Thank you Ash and everyone” while sniffing her nose with the back of her hand then suddenly a voice said “you should be proud May.” May  turned around to see Caroline and they shouted “mum!” “What are you doing here!” said May   “Well you didn’t think I’ll miss my own daughters big match did you?” then Caroline gave  her a big hug “well anyway I am so proud of you May. Also I am here to take you home Max”. “Oh mum do I have to?” Max said “Yes you have to young man if you have not forgotten you’ve got school coming up so we will head home tomorrow.” Answered Caroline.


Meanwhile just outside of town three figures huddled around a fire trying to keep warm. “Come on Jessie stop sulking you've been like this since you lost your match with May” said James. “It isn’t our fault James we always get the worst of luck when the twerps seem to get all of the good luck! Being chased from one city to the next city and getting all our plans and robots destroyed trying to Steal Pikachu and being blasted off everywhere when we do try!  And barely scraping by on the money” answered Jessie. Man I wonder why the boss wants that Pikachu so much anyway said James .
I am afraid it’s a lot worse than that you guys. Meowth suddenly spoke” “What’s that then Meowth?”  James said, turning his head to face him. “The boss wants us to prove ourselves by doing something big” answered Meowth. “What can we do to prove ourselves” James said, then Jessie said “the trophy?” in a whisper. They both turned to Jessie and said “what?” She simply said “the trophy” the other two looked together and then back "what do you mean by the trophy?” “Don’t you see if we steal that trophy at the ceremony, it will definitely prove ourselves?” answered Jessie.
“That’s a great idea the boss will be pleased if we manage that”  Meowth cried out. “Aren't you missing something Meowth?”said James “What’s that?” Meowth said. “Jessie is only thought of it to get back at May.” said James. “Well maybe I am but it’s a good idea anyway isn’t it Meowth” Jessie said. “I agree we need to prove our selves once and for all” Meowth said. Well are you in James? they both asked. “Well I guess I am, this is all I got left after my parents disowned me. Well shall we make plans for tomorrow James said.”
The real Pokémon body swap storey with Ash and the gang with team rocket.
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July 13, 2013
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